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Oct 022012

Video about me64:

This week's chocolate ration is 15 grams! I'm looking for one basic "shotgun" mic for my kit lav, condenser, cardioid.


Orders placed and security cleared before The ME64 is a cardioid mic rather than a shotgun like the ME66 and is likely to be less coloured by reflections than the ME Your best bet is to get a good hypercadioid and figure out a way to get it close to the speaker.



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  2. Their pattern is highly frequency dependent and many lose much, if not almost all, of their directivity to sounds in the lower frequency ranges arriving from the sides and rear. Your best bet is to get a good hypercadioid and figure out a way to get it close to the speaker.

  3. Your best bet is to get a good hypercadioid and figure out a way to get it close to the speaker.

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