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Oct 022012

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Most large hotel chains offer pay-for-view adult movies, many video stores have adult movie rental sections, and Internet porn sites have proliferated by the thousands. Moving beyond simplistic feminist and religious positions that cast these films as categorical evils-a collective preserve of sexual perversion, misogyny, pedophilia, and racism-the contributors to this volume raise the bar of the debate and push porn studies into intriguing new territory. For more information feel free to visit:

Men black dicks

White Men Can't Hump will ask why, and will also ask a question that will create a debate for the ages: The second part presents new essays that consider current trends in the field, including pornography's expansion into new technologies. With porn so ubiquitous in mainstream American culture, why is it that when "respectable" people talk about this phenomenon, they act puzzled, as if they cannot imagine who would watch such worthless and meaningless smut?

Men black dicks

Men black dicks

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