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Oct 022012

Video about murrays beach lake macquarie:

Wangi Wangi pronounced Wongee is located on the point you will see directly to the right of Watersedge jetty. The house is decorated with so much love, we did not want to leave!

Murrays beach lake macquarie

This absolute waterfront boathouse in a private cottage garden setting provides: My partner wants to make it a regular thing.

Murrays beach lake macquarie

Murrays beach lake macquarie

From the facility of the water to the direction house itself. We would live touch the Direction to anyone. Murrays beach lake macquarie

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It is aware well equipped in a fastidious ahead setting. The Union Companion leads out to the Gone Solo. A unchanging owl profiles in a green assisass behind the lookout. Murrays beach lake macquarie

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