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Oct 022012

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So the government decided to put in place measures to help. Cabs were easy to get if we were carrying too much, or if it was late in the evening. And then there is a hearty home-cooked dinner to enjoy.


The girl on the right is wearing a leg brace. Also ideal for romantic sojourns, you can sit outside with a glass of wine in hand quietly watching the sun going down before dinner. Girls from a farming family in Metaponto, in southern Italy, circa



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  1. The farms are independently owned by local families, who are primarily farmers but who offer clean and comfortable accommodation and food. The girl on the right is wearing a leg brace.

  2. If you have children, in the morning they will adore collecting eggs, picking fruit, vegetables and olives, and feeding the animals. Or you can go wandering with them down the paths to the forested areas, and sit quietly beside a tinkling stream.

  3. You will often be given a starter-hamper of produce including seasonal fruit and vegetables on arrival, and a couple of bottles of wine to sample. These incentives allowed for rehabilitation and restoration of small farm buildings, and for working families to augment their income by hosting vacationers, providing them with a unique first-hand experience of a traditional way of life.

  4. Cabs were easy to get if we were carrying too much, or if it was late in the evening. There are several around Montalto delle Marche, all set in splendid rural spots, not far from the village and short distances from the beach or the mountains.

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