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Oct 022012

Video about naga chicks:

After one and half month they do not depend on their mother for food and roam about freely. Feeding in Natural Habitat: The male has an orange red in the neck with a greenish blue patch at the lower side of the face.

Naga chicks

Today Nagaland is an eco-tourist hotspot, but in the locals were head hunters and and Jimmy was carried into a village that was surrounded by dismembered heads on spikes. In natural surrounding they usually live in a dense evergreen forests with moderate undergrowth. The risk of each of these mini-populations quickly dying out is thus great.

Naga chicks

Naga chicks

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  1. In order to ensure the sustenance of viable populations of Tragopan in its natural habitats and to save from its extinction, the management strategy has to be adopted in ex-situ with reference to in-situ conservation a. When the chicks attains two to three months old the chance of mortality is less.

  2. The mating season starts from the month of March and takes about a month or so. In fact they liked him so much they tried to find him a wife.

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