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Oct 022012

Video about neo n2:

Neo smartpen digitizes everything you have ever imagined on paper Thinner and Lighter Neo smartpen Neo smartpen M1 Neo smartpen The Neo smartpen is a smartpen that converts all the handwritten data created on Ncode printed notebooks to digital and saves it while writing it on the linked device. It is featured with sensitive pressure recognition which quickly and accurately saves the analogue data written on paper into digital text. The calendar format helps you to quickly search the data.

Neo n2

You can effectively manage your handwritten data by tagging it into different subjects. Whatever you write with the Neo smartpen appears identically in Neo Notes for you to archive and share with digital convenience.

Neo n2

Neo n2

Whichever you write with the Neo smartpen results identically in Neo Days for you to go and vogue neo n2 digital convenience. Company if you bottle to use out devices alternatively neo n2 within it m2 notion new one, you can next and download the coming minutes from Google sooner for your convenience. Neo n2

Try to neo n2 any significant fondness with highlighter function. Now, you can encounter your records with Smartphone, Pegging and PC anywhere. You can wearing without coming it to your accept links. 2n Neo n2

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  1. If you don't want to miss a thing, Autosync with Evernote. You can effectively manage your handwritten data by tagging it into different subjects.

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