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Oct 022012

Video about neon srt 4 specs:

Its ABS, traction control, race-car supportive front seats, and optional side airbags make it safe to drive. The group logged more than 1, test track miles after hours in less than two weeks.

Neon srt 4 specs

A limited Commemorative Edition SRT-4 was released for cool factor only, its main characteristic being its design -- blue Viper stripes on a white body. Gale noted a list of performance features he saw on the sport compact cars at the show, and wanted to integrate those features into Chrysler's compact production car, the Dodge Neon.

Neon srt 4 specs

Neon srt 4 specs

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With SRT-4, we rent a car with a careful dose of power that is also around wearing. Sport Compact Car animation unified the car in the Feb. Populace profiles pure stock Car and House:. Neon srt 4 specs

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  1. The car was then given a New Venture Gear T five-speed manual transmission based on the unit from the European turbodiesel minivans , equal-length half shafts , and a high capacity Sachs performance clutch. Basically, the neon will pull away in the straights but would have to take each corner with apprehension if he wants to stay on track.

  2. An ACR package ramped up the street racer by adding wider wheels, a bigger rear sway bar, adjustable shocks, a lower ride height, and requisite ACR logos.

  3. The same satin metal trim was also featured on the instrument panel center stack, climate control knobs and on the door handles. The wheels were designed with a unique spoke pattern to allow for improved airflow to the brakes, and were similar to that of the TSW VX1 wheels used on the original Neon SRT.

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