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Oct 022012

Video about non negotiables in christian dating:

God will exceed that list. These non-negotiables are the opposite of deal breakers in that the man you have to marry has got to have them.

Non negotiables in christian dating

Values define what is most important in your life. But that is actually the most shallow level of compatibility.

Non negotiables in christian dating

Non negotiables in christian dating

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Reader Comments

  1. I was speaking with a group of friends who have created a very comprehensive list of non-negotiables. Are you comfortable with the style and emphasis at the church your potential partner attends?

  2. Suppose a guy liked me but I only have 13 out of 15 in his non-negotiables list and so dismissed me because of that anyway, I would certainly roll my eyes at his delusional concept of perfection. The above is a sample list by the way.

  3. Even with great character and strong compatibility, I would not recommend that a couple move forward toward marriage without romantic attraction. I think this is why all lists end up being rewritten many times that they do not end up the same way as it started.

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