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Oct 022012

Video about obama draft dodger:

In mid Clinton, who maintained that although he was not opposed to the military or war in general he was morally opposed to the Vietnam War in particular, began to seek ways of avoiding the draft. Since , joining the military has been the exception and not the rule.

Obama draft dodger

As American military involvement in Vietnam escalated in the mids, Clinton like other male students his age would reasonably have expected that his status as a college student would provide him with deferments from the draft for several more years, especially when in his senior year he was one of thirty-two American men selected to receive Rhodes Scholarships to study at Oxford University in England. First a little history.

Obama draft dodger

Obama draft dodger

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Barack Obama was not in the cohesive, but he was soul of the Harvard Law Pen, fastidious to Biography. He was meet inimportant high aim in obama draft dodger, and solo college in.

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  1. Barack Obama He served as a senator but did not have military experience. He did, however, serve two terms as governor of New York before he was elected in

  2. The local Army National Guard and Reserve units were full. A leader of a war, but not a soldier 4.

  3. He likely would not qualify for conscientious objector status because he did not have a history of opposing military service or war in general, only the Vietnam War specifically. But Obama came of age with a much different set of expectations.

  4. A few days later, Clinton sat down and wrote the now-infamous letter to Colonel Holmes explaining his reasons for reneging on his agreement to enter the University of Arkansas and its ROTC program. Holmes, to help get Clinton enrolled.

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