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Oct 022012

Video about obama marital issues:

Their well-documented low point came back in Illinois, where for several years Michelle Obama felt neglected by her ambitious husband as he spent long days away from home playing state politics, and she was left to look after their children. The White House hosts movie nights and the family play Scrabble together. In return, he often refers to her as Flotus, an official acronym that stands for First Lady of the United States.

Obama marital issues

Michelle Obama emerges as someone who keeps her husband grounded, often using humour to remind him that he is mostly just her husband, not the president of the United States. Barack Obama even quotes his wife in policy meetings with his cabinet if he thinks her advice has been especially pertinent. And then in walks Barack Obama.

Obama marital issues

Obama marital issues

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  1. Of course there was no truth in this article, which originated with The Last Line of Defense, a humor site that carries a disclaimer stating that all of its content should be considered satirical: But the Obamas did not always find their private and political lives mixed so easily.

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