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Oct 022012

Video about pakistani wedding baraat:

This practice is still prevalent in most rural areas of the Punjab. Bride signing Nikah Rituals of Barat There are many rituals on barat which are performed by both the families of bride and groom.

Pakistani wedding baraat

Bijjar usually came in the form of cattle or crops but nowadays is mainly money and is repaid back at weddings of relatives and friends at a later time. Eventually she accept his gift and vacates the seat. The wedding videos evoke mixed feelings.

Pakistani wedding baraat

Pakistani wedding baraat

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  1. The most famous ritual is that the sisters of the bride put the milk in a decorative glass and give it to the groom to drink and then after drinking it the groom gives them money.

  2. Usually the girls parents may be teary eyed with happiness but also at the realisation that their little girl who they raised so lovingly, and who filled the home with her laughter, who spread her love and warmth with her mere presence, and lit up the lives of her siblings and parents is now somebodys wife and will soon depart her paternal home to set up a new life with her husband. He answers I accept her qabool hai and signs the documents as do his two witnesses.

  3. It is also customary in some families for the husband to present his newly-wed wife with a small token of affection.

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