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Oct 022012

Video about parents matchmaking:

Years ago, when I was planning for a brief move to New York City, a good friend of my parents came for dinner, cocked her head slightly and issued a firm declaration: He continued drinking at a rapid clip, as I sipped a single glass of red wine, admired his vast collection of Penguin Classics and tried not to get too close to him. But soon the rising and falling of his chest became apparent, and I figured it was best for everyone if he remained unconscious.

Parents matchmaking

While most parental setups go a little more smoothly, dating coach Kateryna Spiwak recommends exercising caution. I wondered, briefly, if he was dead. Turns out that marriage is elusive even for the woman who believes that she holds the secret to finding love — for others.

Parents matchmaking

Parents matchmaking

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  1. If you are going to accept a parental setup, Spiwak recommends laying down some ground rules: Being single and all.

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