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Oct 022012

Video about perineum massage for him:

Here is an instructional video for pregnant women. And is sexual pleasure the only benefit you derive from massaging the perineum. Milking is said to be more pleasurable and intense than having an orgasm without directly stimulating the prostate.

Perineum massage for him

As mentioned above, the perineum is a sensitive patch of skin nestled between the anus and vagina or scrotum. Gently move your finger until you feel the prostate, which is about the size of a walnut. Some men aren't into having anything in their anus, so a perineum massage can also be stimulating as well.

Perineum massage for him

Perineum massage for him

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  1. During pregnancy, routinely massing the area can lend elasticity and flexibility, reducing chances of trauma to the area during childbirth. I usually use this technique when I'm masturbating my husband.

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