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Oct 022012

Video about persian phrases of endearment:

Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation is a free podcast devoted to teaching conversational Persian! Share this post with. To shower someone with affection; To worship the ground someone walks on How to use it:

Persian phrases of endearment

And that's it, 12 words that you can call your Persian lover. Wish you were here.

Persian phrases of endearment

Persian phrases of endearment

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  1. See what I did there? Eyes are the window to the soul, and this is a way of telling someone that they are the light of those windows.

  2. Say it when you walk into a store, sit in a taxi, or generally any other time someone is working or just completed some sort of work. She got engaged to someone else, and the heartbroken man left town to avoid seeing their wedding.

  3. This is another taarof-related expression used every day in Iran. There was a young man who had a reputation for causing bad things to happen.

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