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Oct 022012

Video about philippine gods and goddesses:

He comes in a form of a bird and is believed to be a middle aged man with a robust physic. They were the god of the space between the sea and the sky during the time that land and men were not yet created.

Philippine gods and goddesses

Because of this, frustrated men have consulted her to heal various diseases, however, she never lets her have the smaller part of the bargain. She was the daughter of Idiyanale and Dimangan and the sister of Dumakulem.

Philippine gods and goddesses

Philippine gods and goddesses

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Haliya and the Bakunawa. For a more list, you might tip to check this website out.
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  1. As an evil god, he would cause the people to suffer misfortunes and commit sins. As the devourer of the sun and the moon, this serpent became an adversary of Haliya.

  2. In Tagalog animism, the water buffalo was Idiyanale's emblem. In later stories, Anitun Tabu was also known to be a mediator between warring supernatural beings, as she was associated with sunny showers, a sacred peace pact for supernatural beings.

  3. Through this, she was respected and loved by the people. Each of these lower-ranking gods and goddesses had specific responsibilities.

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