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Oct 022012

Video about physical attractiveness and success:

The way you look has no bearing on your intelligence or your performance. Managers who are perceived as more trustworthy perform worse and generate lower risk adjusted returns when compared to those who are perceived as less trustworthy. There are also downfalls to appearing too attractive however, as assumptions are often made about how a person got the job or people may question how skilled a good looking person is.

Physical attractiveness and success

The way you superficially appear to others, does seemingly matter. Actually, having said all this, I would only wish to leave you with one thought:

Physical attractiveness and success

Physical attractiveness and success

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  1. Eve Boynton Share this article It is common knowledge that an ironed shirt, clean teeth and brushed hair give you brownie points in a job interview, but does your success come down to much more? It does not mean their appearance precludes the possibility of them being talented and intelligent, but one could argue at some point a less attractive or charismatic leader may have been passed over in their favor.

  2. It may get your foot in the door and a second glance, but a person with a great sales pitch, brilliant communicative skills and a strong work ethic is much more likely to leave the right lasting impression. Have a look inside.

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