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Oct 022012

Pills that make your breasts bigger

Video about pills that make your breasts bigger:

If any of these symptoms are severe or persist for several months, contact your doctor. Safety The manufacturer does not want users to become alarmed when there is minor tenderness in any of the treated areas that experience, as this is completely natural and common in many of its users. Medical research shows women who gain weight from the Pill are definitely the minority.

Pills that make your breasts bigger

However, if you do see a major shift in weight while on the Pill, Dr. Results Reports vary from women reporting a size increase of one full cup in less than a month, to the product having no effect at all. Burke recommends girls try an intrauterine device IUD.

Pills that make your breasts bigger

Pills that make your breasts bigger

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  1. Burke, most girls will respond to the Pill like Justine and Emily—with no significant weight gain.

  2. Other explanations for weight gain on the Pill Many girls begin taking the Pill at a time in their lives when weight gain happens naturally—during adolescence and while in college.

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