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Oct 022012

Poems about abuse in relationships

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You cheated and conned me so evil and cruel, Called me your stalker to make me the fool. Tonight will be different in what I want you to know. Friends aren't stupid they guess what's gone on I lie to protect you and say nothings wrong Gradually the damage starts to heal and fade I stuck to my story and kept up the charade.

Poems about abuse in relationships

How could someone you love hurt you so much? You think you can see what I feel, what I am, With your shallow vision, there's no way that you can.

Poems about abuse in relationships

Poems about abuse in relationships

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  1. Some never expect that it could happen to you until one day it does. Deadly Storm Its time for me to start listening to me, The day has come to set myself free, My head and my heart always at war My head saying go, my heart shuts the door.

  2. No feelings of hatred or wanting you dead That of sadness, disbelief and lost love instead. Even now I still miss and love him.

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