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Oct 022012

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Vestas Portland[ edit ] The first blades from the Vestas Portland plant were produced in July and the plant was officially commissioned in August Since then, it has been traded a number of times and is now owned by two institutional investors — the publicly listed Australian Infrastructure Fund and Utilities Trust of Australia, a private infrastructure fund — both of which are managed by Hastings Funds Management.

Portland victoria postcode

Rail[ edit ] Portland is served by the standard gauge Maroona-Portland line , which branches from the main Western standard gauge line. The walk travels though forests, river gorges, cliff tops and sublime bays. With significant demand and the support of the community, non-charter, passenger flights were also added.

Portland victoria postcode

Portland victoria postcode

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  1. Sharp Airlines is a small charter company formed in Hamilton which began flying regularly out of Portland to Essendon Airport. Along with community workshops and studios, local artists' works are also for sale.

  2. Portland tourist radio station is WAVE-FM, broadcasting easy listening music, news and information about local attractions.

  3. During the austral summer November to May , the Bonney Upwelling part of the larger Great South Australian Coastal Upwelling System brings nutrient-rich deep ocean water to the surface in the Portland area, supporting a rich abundance of marine life. This completes almost , sq ft of office lettings and re-gears in the last twelve months.

  4. They have flights from Hamilton and Warrnambool to Melbourne. Even in western Victoria, Portland fell behind Warrnambool as the main commercial centre.

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