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Oct 022012

Video about remove devices from itunes account:

If you've forgotten which computers you have authorized in the past, there is not a way to list all authorized computers. After the device disappears, click "Done" to return to the previous screen.

Remove devices from itunes account

Removing a device from your account doesn't affect this timer. You can't view a list of your associated devices or remove any of your associated devices using an Android phone, but Android phones do count against your ten-device limit. The once a year reset does complicate things since some older computers could be authorized against the "last 5 slots" and not the "current 5 slots".

Remove devices from itunes account

Remove devices from itunes account

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How to use iTunes to notion music from your iPhone or iPod. Results One reason to proceeding a device from your iTunes connect is to go it with a fastidious Solo ID. Remove devices from itunes account

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  1. See my answer for clarification and a working solution to the original question. Delete duplicate songs on iPhone How to delete music from iPhone If you're new to iPhone, or have never needed to delete music from your iPhone before, it may not be immediately apparent how to delete songs or albums from your device.

  2. So you can associate one computer and 9 other devices, or 5 computers and 5 other devices, but not 9 computers and 1 other device.

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