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Oct 022012

Video about ryan upchurch truck:

By the next track, it's clear that's all this album is about. Willie has warned me to avoid his neck of the woods and after this review and even before I'm likely to heed his cautions.

Ryan upchurch truck

Upchurch is again, one of the honor students at his school for morons. I threw this in on a lark. Jan 20, Album Review:

Ryan upchurch truck

Ryan upchurch truck

The all nonsense from Farcer at As trendy rappers go, Mr. Ryan upchurch truck

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  1. His most recent album on Spotify is titled Chicken Willie. I know that's like saying he's one of the taller midgets little people, but it is what it is.

  2. There's a hint of humor, some traces of self deprecation, and a few interesting turns of phrase.

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