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Oct 022012

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It is valuable too for the light it sheds into the mind of itsauthor, a Benedictine monk, who had pursued a career at Oxford before entering the community. The man made sexual comments and touched the victim inappropriately over her clothing. In telling the story of the community of Evesham from its foundation by St Ecgwine in the eighth century,Thomas incorporated the work of earlier Evesham historians including the twelfth-century Prior Dominic who was responsible for the Life and Miracles of St Ecgwine.

Sex in evesham

He is described as white, between 1. He was wearing dark coloured gloves and a hat and was riding a push bike.

Sex in evesham

Sex in evesham

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  1. He was wearing dark coloured gloves and a hat and was riding a push bike. Few other chronicles or histories provide such an intense, inside view of a community, and are so frank.

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