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Oct 022012

Video about sexual shakespeare quotes:

What an incredibly clever and cutting jibe! Login to verify your age. There is no honesty in such dealing, unless a woman should be made an ass and a beast, to bear every knave's wrong.

Sexual shakespeare quotes

Though what the slang 'cock' stands for today wasn't prevalent back then, the pun is un-mistakeable. I mean, my head upon your lap? Read this sonnet out loud to a friend, maybe even one of your parents.

Sexual shakespeare quotes

Sexual shakespeare quotes

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  1. Like what this gif of Stephen Colbert trying to get his cards out from his desk looks likeā€¦ Source Ophelia, trying to maintain a good reputation i. O, kiss me through the hole of this vil[e] wall!

  2. Here are some examples of slang or sexual language which were clearly understood by Shakespeare's original audiences, but may be less obvious to audiences today.

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