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Oct 022012

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Women have more to lose from not thinking carefully in matters of mating than men do and this loss is more costly in the context of commitment. In the context of heightened commitment thoughts, men find what they want in an ad with sexual content and carry on to evaluate it positively, whereas women will find a mismatch between their commitment thoughts and the sexual content in the ad.

Sexx appeal

Its in the Product The most direct example of sexuality working, or being necessary, is when your product has a direct correlation to sex itself. This type of approach offers a more conventional opening for small businesses or suppliers looking to promote sensual benefits of their brands.

Sexx appeal

Sexx appeal

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  1. Sengupta and Dahl, This difference is because high-desire women are more sensitive to competition from other women.

  2. Women with high scores on sociosexuality are more sensitive to intrasex competition, because competition from other women is more salient to them. This difference is because high-desire women are more sensitive to competition from other women.

  3. In fact, these women held attitudes toward gratuitous sex appeals that are similar to those of men. This variation was deemed necessary because an important variable in the present research is sociosexuality, a variable that develops differently in the population on several of these demographic variables.

  4. Design and Procedure A 2 Gender: In situations with relevant or non-gratuitous sex appeals and reasoned thinking, thoughts about committed relationships are likely to lead to less favorable ad attitudes among women.

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