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Oct 022012

Video about signs of a liar cheating:

They could become quite fidgety which can be shown with their hands and feet. You should also try and decide whether or not they are true friends if you feel that they are lying to you, or being fake.

Signs of a liar cheating

Some other hands and arm movements which can help you to spot a liar are the following: They may be able to tell you the truth through answering your follow up question and you can find out more information and decide whether they are lying to you and if so, why they are lying.

Signs of a liar cheating

Signs of a liar cheating

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  1. You might find that your friend or acquaintance has their hands placed behind their back when they speak to you.

  2. Ask Follow Up Questions This can be a very good thing to do if you want to find out if someone is lying to you or not.

  3. If you can observe their eye contact and watch where their eyes go, it can really help you to spot if they are lying.

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