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Oct 022012

Video about smerc:

With an immense population and energy consumption, the state calls for creative ways to conserve energy in the most energy-conscious and cost efficient ways. The ancillary services that an EV can provide are highly dependent on the V2G response time. To maximize the EV owner benefits, the potential of using EVs to provide ancillary services needs to be researched.


It focuses on the integration of both wireless and RF-monitoring and control technologies. A simple explanation of the process is that the Centralware makes a decision, the Middleware reads that decision, then maps and routes these decisions to the Edgeware, where the decisions are then sent through the low-level control signals.



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  1. The ancillary services that an EV can provide are highly dependent on the V2G response time. This stochastic nature of EV owner behavior is currently being studied for better EV integration to power grid.

  2. This data will be evaluated to provide the stations users with the best possible management of charging their EV. Consumers are able to make requests and a supervisory controlling system will monitor the demands of the consumer and make the best available decisions.

  3. All data regarding these charging stations is collected by members of the SMERC team to evaluate tendencies and requests of its users. For further information about this research program, please email ev smartgrid.

  4. The ancillary services that an EV can provide are highly dependent on the V2G response time.

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