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Oct 022012

Video about solstice ecards:

It celebrates the return of the sun, as every day now will see more sun. The Sun stands still, and everyone waits for the turning. The Sun begins to wax and the days grow longer.

Solstice ecards

Inside, dolls are hung, male and female, with other brightly coloured baubles. Will the light keep its promises? Often used as the central 'world tree' in ritual spaces and was often planted in graveyards.

Solstice ecards

Solstice ecards

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  1. Take time to concentrate on the bread you have created and turn the loaf three times saying "From the fields and through the stones, into fire, Yule Bread, as the Wheel turns may all be fed. Pines and firs were cherished as a symbol of rebirth and life in the depth of winter.

  2. Will the light keep its promises? Winter solstice falls on December 22 in China and East Asian countries.

  3. Mix well all the remaining ingredients with a wooden spoon until the dough feels springy. This is the Sun's birthday!

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