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Oct 022012

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Thankfully, the battle for sanity is not yet lost. Reading his stories, for I picked this up after randomly flipping through Gray's Monster in a Box and subsequently finishing the book in the next hour or so without a break.

Spalding sex

We must reaffirm that gender has no meaning if divorced from biological facts. Surely, we should celebrate the God-given differences between men and women, enjoying the special characteristics of two naturally-ordained human types. Comedy is best when it is clever and original, and this is.

Spalding sex

Spalding sex

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  1. Still, the last chapter pulled through again and I was reminded of the 14 year-old boy in the first chapter, which in turn got me curious to go check out the youtube links and hear more from the man. Patience and kindness are what matter, not political posturing.

  2. A singular character telling you how his day went, glorifying misadventures and exposing his soul in the process. The Government has decided to launch an obscenely expensive week consultation on the Gender Recognition Act of

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