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Oct 022012

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Weyand says another area of study still being explored is the mechanics and chemistry of tiring. One place scientists are looking for the answer is the heart, which contracts in the same way but never gets tired. Sprinters who win by appearing to storm ahead in the final metres are not speeding up, but slowing down the least quickly.

Sprinters meaning

Indoor distances are less standardized as many facilities run shorter or occasionally longer distances depending on available space. Using vast pools of data from the hundreds of top sprinters he has worked with, a computer program gives the stick sprinter ideal mechanics for every stride of a sprint.

Sprinters meaning

Sprinters meaning

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  1. Races commence with the firing of the starter's gun. He measures a runner to generate a stick figure in his or her image.

  2. It is then up to the Start referee to decide if the reason is valid. It was part of the Commonwealth Games up until and was the premier event in American high school sprinting until the NFHS changed to metric in , now only a secondary distance to the metres.

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