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Oct 022012

Video about standing with hands in pockets body language:

This is perceived as a demonstration of confidence and power. When you see an audience tilting their heads and leaning forward using hand-to-chin evaluation gestures, you're getting the point across. Closing himself off but still feeling superior The thumb can also be used as a signal of ridicule or disrespect when it is used to point at another person.

Standing with hands in pockets body language

Occasionally the gesture may be done with only one hand on the hip and the other displaying another gesture and this is commonly used by women who want to draw attention to themselves by using this cluster with a pelvic tilt to emphasize their hips-to-waist ratio, which indicates fertility. For example if a person moved his hands inside his pockets after being asked a certain question then make sure that this new gesture was a response to this question he was just asked. It's cause and effect again.

Standing with hands in pockets body language

Standing with hands in pockets body language

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