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Oct 022012

Video about statistics of men cheating:

We decided to take a look at what things may influence the likelihood of cheating and how often infidelity actually occurs. Is there some merit to this long-accepted myth? How often does infidelity result in divorce?

Statistics of men cheating

This is where you can really see how men and women react to this line of questioning. The average affair, however, usually lasts about 6 months before finally fizzling out. Emotional cheating involves sharing your deepest, most private thoughts with someone other than your spouse, breaking the fundamental bonds that keep a marriage together.

Statistics of men cheating

Statistics of men cheating

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  1. This gender difference could reflect the fact that men are more likely to be remarried than women after a divorce. Infidelity is a hot topic.

  2. These numbers may be skewed based on the amount of people who were willing to tell the truth about their infidelity, but it is safe to say that as a whole, both genders have the ability to cheat on one another.

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