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Oct 022012

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The homogeneity of each layer can be seen in Figure 2. The properties of these sites determine the ease of losing some H2O during the dehydration of ferricopiapite.


Details in — nm wavelength range are shown in the inserts. A similar set of experiments at low temperature will be conducted in our newly built Mars chamber to evaluate this possibility for ferric sulfates. Namely when the observation was taken from a long distance, the typical characteristic spectral feature of yellowish soils appeared in minor amount in the spectra of whitish soils, and verse versa.



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  1. In a larger area covered by each pixel of Pancam CCD from 31 m away, the coexisting of yellowish and whitish soils as seen in Figure 2a can be the reason to cause the observed spectral mixing.

  2. Their identities were confirmed using XRD. It demonstrates that the central zone in each of the two data branches of Tyrone salty soils has the highest data populations.

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