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Oct 022012

Video about steppenwolf apprenticeship:

Almost every single intern or apprentice jumps at the chance because it's more exposure. Through hands-on experience, independent and collective learning projects, mentorship and career guidance, Fellows are given the tools to become strong, new voices in the leadership of the arts.

Steppenwolf apprenticeship

So the way our resume and cover letter workshops work--and this is something where I totally have to credit our general manager--is that we have one whole day it's exhausting! In other words, it's the positive aspects of networking, not the what-makes-people-cringe aspects.

Steppenwolf apprenticeship

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  1. Because I might be someone who works in the properties department, out of the scene shop--I'm working with the prop master and the prop artisan every day--but then I'm given an opportunity to come work a donor event at the theatre and so I get to come work with the event staff, with development staff, with a special event staff, and I'm getting to know all of those people and hearing about their jobs and understanding what they do while we work this event together.

  2. They pitch it to their supervisor and me; we sign off on it or we tweak it a little bit, and then they spend usually the remaining six months executing the project.

  3. So the way our resume and cover letter workshops work--and this is something where I totally have to credit our general manager--is that we have one whole day it's exhausting!

  4. Well it hasn't affected us in that we haven't cut any of our intern or apprentice positions, nor have we added any. The informal mentoring pieces start with trying to help interns and apprentices to get to know as many people at our peer theatres as possible and as many of their fellow interns as possible.

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