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Oct 022012

Video about talkcollect com:

Never activate call forwarding unless you need to do it for your own reasons and to a number you know. If you receive one of these scammy calls, the version you hear will likely differ slightly from mine, depending where you live — actually, which prison complex or penal institution is nearest you.

Talkcollect com

Genuine collect calls from prison usually appear as robocalls inviting you to press various buttons if you agree to accept the charges — just as the scam versions do. Get the news you need delivered right to you!

Talkcollect com

Talkcollect com

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  1. What would've happened had I pressed any of the buttons the robocaller urged? But if you actually do have an incarcerated loved one, separating the real collect calls from the scam ones is much harder.

  2. How to protect yourself: A call came in three hours later from TIP which I was not able to take.

  3. My scammer used the wrong name to identify the local jail, but such a mistake would be very easy for him to fix — and maybe the scammers in your area won't be as careless as the scammers in mine.

  4. Modern phone scams Most modern phone-based scams are very easy to detect, so long as you memorize one or two simple rules.

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