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Oct 022012

Video about taurus makeup:

The often strong jaw can be deemphasized with a slightly darker foundation or taupe blusher well blended from under the cheekbones down to the jawbone. Those with thicker necks should also avoid tight or heavy necklaces.

Taurus makeup

Knowledgeable Taureans minimize the lower part of the face by emphasizing the eyes instead. She is frequently found wearing no makeup, but because of her earthy, natural attractiveness, and since her skin is not prone to many problems, she is usually just as good-looking without it. Blusher on the cheekbone itself should be a light pink shade.

Taurus makeup

Taurus makeup

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  1. Taurus, sure of her femininity, is unlike certain other signs which need makeup to boost their spirits; Cancer, for example, who uses makeup as part of her shell, to hide her sensitivity. Red is not the most flattering color for her lips, since it draws too much attention to the lower part of her face.

  2. She should also try metallic shades like copper and bronze, which are as softly flattering to her eyes as they are to her lips. The most she would need in addition is black eye shadow or kohl pencil smudged around her eyes, very close to her lashes, a touch of brownish-pink blusher, and a muted lipstick—a natural but astonishingly glamorous look for the wild, natural beauty of the Taurus woman.

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