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Oct 022012

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In fact, it's the opposite, they say. Journalist Clavane says he hopes Tottenham fans will avoid the songs in question in the future. It's a similar phenomenon to what one sees among Ajax Amsterdam fans in the Netherlands.

Thfc tattoo designs

Certainly, fan traditions are difficult to ban, but Tottenham fans also don't believe their songs are anti-Semitic in the first place. To defend themselves, Tottenham fans took on the insults and made them their own.

Thfc tattoo designs

Thfc tattoo designs

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  1. In early September, the FA warned Tottenham fans that using the term "Yid," an insult to Jews, could lead to criminal prosecution or a stadium ban, and this week the Metropolitan Police announced that it could get fans arrested.

  2. During and after the s, Ajax was repeatedly subjected to anti-Semitic hostility in the Dutch national league.

  3. But neither the "Spurs" nor Ajax are Jewish clubs, and their number of Jewish fans is not particularly high. Opposing fans sometimes make hissing noises meant to imitate the sound of concentration camp gas chambers, and in November fans at a Europa League game in Rome were attacked by fascist Lazio supporters.

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