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Oct 022012

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Jon Mooallem in The New York Times writes, "Given the roughly inherited disorders littering the dog genome, crossing two purebreds and expanding their gene pools can be 'a phenomenally good idea,' according to one canine geneticist—if it is done conscientiously. This advantage can be progressively diluted when two crossbreeds are bred in the attempt to create a breed, narrowing the gene pool. These dogs could be considered only as cross breeds, not as designer animals, since appearance is not the main reason for them to be bred.


An exception to this is the Labradoodle , which although having a Portmanteau name, is often used as a Guide or Assistance dog [3] [4] as well as being popular family dogs. Other purebred breeds are being crossed to provide designer dogs described with an endless range of created labels, such as the Puggle Pug and Beagle cross.



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  1. These dogs could be considered only as cross breeds, not as designer animals, since appearance is not the main reason for them to be bred. Knowing the disease incidence in the breed, and the genetic history of the individual, is ultimately important in dog breeding.

  2. However, as of , the portmanteau words cockapoo and Labradoodle are found in some dictionaries.

  3. However, studies of longevity in dogs have found some advantage for crossbreeds compared to purebred dogs.

  4. Breeders who select their breeding stock for cost-effectiveness and who skip health testing for the same reason will not produce puppies that are as reliably healthy as those bred by more conscientious breeders.

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