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Oct 022012

Things to do in scottsdale tasmania

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It is famed for its outstanding gardens. There's a small cafe and gift shop where you can buy some good presents for friends. Do[ edit ] Scottsdale is the centre of all activities bushwalking.

Things to do in scottsdale tasmania

Get around[ edit ] It's very easy to get around Scottsdale by foot, and is in fact one of the best ways to enjoy the country gardens and small "Tassie" town atmosphere. The stated time for this walk is 3hrs return, but you can achienve it in less depending on your fitness.

Things to do in scottsdale tasmania

Things to do in scottsdale tasmania

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  1. If you visit in spring you will experience the magic of the wisteria, rhododendrons and camellias in full bloom.

  2. The fresh, woody smell in the air is absolutely amazing combined with sausages on a barbecue.

  3. If arriving via Lilydale Road, be sure to turn into King St and not miss the town completely, as this is possible after the re-diversion of the entry to the town.

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