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Oct 022012

Video about things to do on the beach at night:

After all, it is only once a year. You can have an impromptu concert by the beach with the waves as your grand audience. Although the East Coast is renowned for their sunrises, the sunsets are equally as breathtaking.

Things to do on the beach at night

These analyse the wind and provide you with real-time information on what the weather conditions are like. Are you going to the beach with a large group of friends? Long days at the beach, of course.

Things to do on the beach at night

Things to do on the beach at night

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  1. A long line of studies suggests that floating on water can effectively reduce stress, boost creativity, and help in sleep problems. Now, sandals are great because you can dip your feet in the freezing water and walk on tide breakers and run around without getting your nice shoes dirty.

  2. Indulge in a spot of wine tasting Did you know that Barcelona country is home to one of the top wine-producing regions in the world? Thunder and Lightning focuses on Norse mythology.

  3. Source A Memorable Date Takes Planning He said that he always wanted to have a date at the beach, he wanted to do something memorable. Spending the night eating and drinking with friends and family on the beach sounds like a great time to me.

  4. Go Paddle Boarding by Moonlight There are lots of ways you can get some exercise in the evenings in Barcelona, from running groups to rollerblading get together.

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