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Oct 022012

Video about tungsten carbide vs titanium ring:

Titanium, in comparison, only rates a six. Titanium, being a bit softer, has more give and can resist cracking. Moreover, like titanium, it is more malleable than tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide vs titanium ring

Metals are judged by the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, and tungsten carbide rates a nine out of ten. Therefore, if your finger size changes in the future, a cobalt ring will be able to adapt but not tungsten rings or titanium rings.

Tungsten carbide vs titanium ring

Tungsten carbide vs titanium ring

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  1. Adding copper increases the hardness of the silver and makes it less malleable. This can pose a problem if it suffers a sharp impact, and it may crack or shatter.

  2. Aircraft grade titanium, which some stores also sell, is much harder to cut off. It is very hard to break but can be cracked off very quickly in an emergency with a special vise tool most ambulances and all emergency rooms should carry—it can also shatter accidentally, for example if dropped on certain types of tiles but this is fairly rare.

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