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Oct 022012

Video about warrior dash 2017 nashville:

They expect to see sprains, scrapes and even the occasional heart attack after marathons and triathlons, but say they see more acute injuries after obstacle races. Kong Infinity is a foot climbing challenge in which participants scale to reach a barrel that they rotate along a set of tracks suspended more than 20 feet off the ground to reach the other side.

Warrior dash 2017 nashville

A homepage exists for what hopes to become that body, the United States Obstacle Course Racing, but the organization is still in its infancy. But that can be hard for people to remember during an adrenaline-fueled event. In order to be eligible for prizing and entry in the Contender Category in the World's Toughest Mudder, one must complete at least 25 miles at one of the Toughest Mudder events.

Warrior dash 2017 nashville

Warrior dash 2017 nashville

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  1. Soap Opera actress Jorgie Porter ran the event. Here, a selection of potential obstacle race health hazards and tips for how to stay safe.

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