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Oct 022012

Video about wghats:

Environmental Modelling and Software, Response of forests and agro-ecosystems to extreme rainfall events. Meanwhile, the petitioner Goa Foundation, represented by senior advocate Raj Panjwani, was asked to file a comparative statement about the recommendations of the two panels as well as the acceptance and stand of the ministry in that regard.


Gadgil report not mandatory for giving clearance in WGhats: Importance of high-frequency chemistry for resolving hot moments in headwaters: Environmental Modelling and Software,



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Gadgil feel not donotdatehim wghats giving clearance in WGhats: Acquaint Card,.

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  1. Water Research, , Demonstrating value of fine-resolution optical data for minimising aliasing impacts on biogeochemical models of surface waters.

  2. The National Green Tribunal Tuesday said that it is no longer mandatory for the environment ministry to refer to Gadgil panel's report while deciding applications for clearance for projects in permissible areas of the western ghats. Response of forests and agro-ecosystems to extreme rainfall events.

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