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Oct 022012

Video about why am i having dreams about my ex:

What traumas did you suffer? She offers astrology, tarot, channeled readings and dream interpretations to clients and is also the author of Searching for Sassy: So, you have to sit with yourself and analyze which of these fits into your situation.

Why am i having dreams about my ex

I miss being with my ex and being in the relationship. Interpretation 1 You are dreaming of your ex, cause you miss them.

Why am i having dreams about my ex

Why am i having dreams about my ex

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  1. Interpretation 5 Dreaming about your ex could mean that you have found someone else in your life, who invokes the same feelings of love in you.

  2. In the same way, when we are sleeping, we can go back to earlier times in our life. Perhaps who we were, how we thought, the positive aspects of the relationship, and the positive personality traits and ambitions of the ex are all something we can re-claim again.

  3. Consider how you felt in the dream, what was happening around you and how the dream ended. Perhaps you cut ties to friends, hobbies, activities, places, etc.

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