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Oct 022012

Video about wwe kingston ontario 2017:

AJ Styles c via pinfall to win the title: B Order of elimination:

Wwe kingston ontario 2017

For a PPV that lacked any sensible buzz coming in due to predictable and tired booking, the payoff never became worth it outside of a fantastic SmackDown tag team championship match between The New Day and The Usos, one of two title changes on the evening. AJ Styles c via pinfall to win the title:

Wwe kingston ontario 2017

Wwe kingston ontario 2017

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Nicest tits porn Union, the Giddiest Bucks face the Briscoes in a kingaton out of three profiles match with different days for each bump — pinfall in the first, lucha tag in the second and no post in the third, if single. Let's look back at a follower of highs and pictures at the Missing Union Center in Philadelphia. Release was then sponsored off.

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  1. I just kept my balance for four or five steps and landed on the stairs. The match was a slight step down from the pace of their Backlash meeting and, for now, appeared to extend the feud to another chapter just as it appeared Styles was heading into a program with Nakamura.

  2. But Lynch ultimately rallied with a pair of Dis-Arm-Her submissions to eliminate both, setting up a wild sequence that led to the finish.

  3. He then used a chair on wheels to hop his way back to the ring apron and climb back into the match.

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