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Oct 022012

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Victoria Theater Sydney Australia From to , Kellar and Fay toured South America. The Royal Illusionists troupe formed

Young cum swallower

Ling Look imposter in Belfast Ireland Some of his feats included swallowing hot coals and red hot swords, then blowing fire from his mouth. After a short stay in New York, the trio crossed overland to California, and began an engagement at Baldwin's Academy of Music in San Francisco on the evening of May 15,

Young cum swallower

Young cum swallower

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  2. Their show consisted of a spiritualist cabin with Kellar and Cunard performing cage disappearance and escapes from ropes and handcuffs, and contortion by Yamadeva, and for the finale, the fire and sword acts by Ling Look. Shortly after their arrival in Hong Kong, Ling Look underwent an operation for a liver trouble, and died under the knife.

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